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Butt-less Dresses!

13 Apr

Oh the things you can find on Etsy…like BUTT-LESS DRESSES! Lina Petrauskiene, a designer from Paiania, Greece, creates dresses that look normal from the front “BUTT” have quite the surprise from behind!


















I love the description of the dress: ‘This super sexy dress is made of synthetic fabric. It reveals the most attractive part of the women’s body.”

OMG! Maybe her racy designs can help her “crack into” the fashion business!

CLICK HERE to see more designs on Etsy


Fashion Hoarding

16 Mar

A new survey by the clothing collection charity Give Up Clothes for Good reveals that 80% of women hoard clothing they can never wear. Other findings:

66% of hoarding women say they keep clothing because they hope to one day be able to wear them again.

25% of women will be four different sizes throughout their lifetime.

8% of women have four different sizes hanging in their closets.

25% of women keep clothes because they were so expensive they don’t feel they can part ways with them.

12% of women buy clothes too small in hopes of fitting into them

10% of women hold on to clothes for sentimental reasons


1. Jeans (36%)

2. Occasionwear (36%)

3. Tops (28%)

Oh, if only this was real!!!

25 Aug

Thank you random friend on Facebook for posting this hilarious video! Introducing the “Manslator” – it can translate woman-speak into plain English for men!

Who Doesn’t Talk to Their Dog?

23 Aug

There’s a reason our four-legged pals are called “man’s best friend” – we apparently talk to them more than our partners! A new survey shows that one in five women talk to their dog more than their boyfriends or husbands…duh! Who else are we supposed to talk to??? I know that I spend more hours a day with my dog Romeo than I do with my boyfriend…and he’s such a good listener!

I love that the survey also points out that women are also more likely to take time off work to take care of their sick dog than their sick partner.

What Kind of Butt Do You Have?

9 Nov

Some British dress-maker has come up with four categories for women’s behinds…still not sure which one I have. Take a look for yourself:

The Tomato
Proportion of women: 45 per cent. Plump, round and squishy to the touch, the tomato is fast becoming the norm. It sits best in a tight structured dress which has a firming effect, and this black lace number is the perfect companion to lift this shape.

The Potato
Proportion of women: 30 per cent. The second most common shape, this wide bottom is probably the least fortunate; lumpy in parts, it needs careful dressing and attention. A tulip-shaped shift hides a multitude of sins and will slim and elongate a wide behind.

The Pear
Proportion of women: 15 per cent. Narrower at the top and almost twice the size at the fullest part, this is trickiest to buy for and the best tactic is a distraction. A long maxi dress detracts from the lower region and a halter neckline accentuating the shoulders balances out the bottom.

The Nectarine
Proportion of women: 10 per cent. Full and round and pert in appearance. It stands out naturally and – lucky you – you can really show it off in a tight satin red dress.