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Bienvenido a Miami!

21 May

Greetings from sunny Miami! (side note: it’s actually sunny most of the time BUT we apparently arrived during rainy season, and it has been raining every day) If you didn’t know already, I have left my position as Morning Co-Host (Morning Diva) at 95.9 The Ranch and I have moved to Miami to pursue a new career! Well, my boyfriend has started a new career – I am still looking. 🙂

Who knew Miami would be so different from Texas!?

The move has been an adventure so far, and I am sure it will continue to be…before we even left our old place we had issues but now we are hanging out in an extended stay hotel (with Romeo) while we look for a place to live! Looking for an apartment/condo in Miami is a far cry from how we did it in Texas. Most places are individually owned condos for rent – at a premium! So far we have seen what is considered the low-end and not so low-end…I would say high-end but we didn’t venture into any of the $10,000/month condos – even though that would have been a sight to see! We just put an offer on a place, so keep your fingers crossed we aren’t homeless too much longer.

I am not sure where or what my next job will be, but I promise to keep you posted!


Knocked Up Nail Polish

11 Apr

Apparently when you’re pregnant, you need to stay away from certain nail polishes because they contain harmful chemicals and choose products that are ‘three-free‘ – meaning it doesn’t contain formaldehyde, dibutyl phthlate (DBP), or toluene.  Lots of commercial brands are three-free now, but it’s not always obvious if a product is “safe” when you go to hunt for ingredient lists. SO, what is a pregnant fashionista to do? Get some Knockedup Nail Polish! According to their website:

Our pregnancy-safe nail polish formula does not contain toluene, formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate or camphor.

We show a little extra lovin’ to the preggos,but Knocked Up Nails
is also safe for allergy sufferers, cancer patients & children.

Our hip, modern hues are long-lasting and chip resistant; and all of our polishes are cruelty free and made in the USA.

Their polishes are not only safe BUT they have the cutest names!

Lady in Red

28 Feb

I’ve always been told red is a “sexy color” but research now proves men prefer women in red!

Scientists, from the University of Rochester in New York, found that men are actually more attracted to women who are wearing red, because they believe they’re less likely to reject them.  Research shows men feel a woman in red is sending signals about being “sexually available.”  Guys in the study even said they’d spend more money on a date with a woman who was wearing the fiery hue!


Elope Dress!?

23 Feb

If you’re like me and LOVE Vegas and the idea of eloping and avoiding a wedding circus…then you’ll fall in love with the Elope Dress! The idea is such a no-brainer and a total win.

At just $170 this dress does it all: it’s white and feminine, short without being too short, easily customizeable, and has a touch of sass! It comes in a few different sizes but unfortunately not plus size (yet).

Mile High Club Airline Lets You Get “It” On In The Air

15 Feb

Someone has taken the idea of renting a room by the hour at a sleazy motel and put it up in the air! (Yes, I am feeling like a need some hand sanitizer as I write this.) Flamingo Air Inc. has created a Flights of Fancy-Mile High Club package that legally allows you to get it on in the air.

According to their website you can buy the package for $425 including taxes and fees. The package includes: a 1 hour flight, a private curtained aircraft, champagne, chocolates, and “one very discreet pilot”.

Check out a photo of the plane:

You are now free to have sex in the plane.

Doggy Glamour Shots!

7 Feb

We’ve all seen those heart-breaking photos of shelter dogs and cats cowering in the back of their kennels on animal rescue websites. I’m sure the sad the photos compel some people to adopt, but it seems that happy and more polished photos are helping find homeless pets their fur-ever homes!

The Humane Society of New York enlisted a fashion photographer (Richard Phibbs) take glamour shots of their available animals, instead of just showing them in their cages or dog runs. The photog has done three different shoots, and the first time, the shelter saw a 50% increase in adoption applications.  The second time, it was 75%.  About 60% of the animals he recently photographed were adopted.

Check out some of these amazing photos:

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