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Fashion Hoarding

16 Mar

A new survey by the clothing collection charity Give Up Clothes for Good reveals that 80% of women hoard clothing they can never wear. Other findings:

66% of hoarding women say they keep clothing because they hope to one day be able to wear them again.

25% of women will be four different sizes throughout their lifetime.

8% of women have four different sizes hanging in their closets.

25% of women keep clothes because they were so expensive they don’t feel they can part ways with them.

12% of women buy clothes too small in hopes of fitting into them

10% of women hold on to clothes for sentimental reasons


1. Jeans (36%)

2. Occasionwear (36%)

3. Tops (28%)


Strange Addiction TV Show is Strangely Addicting

11 Jan

The people at TLC know how to put out a good show – Say Yes To The Dress – and a bad show – Sarah Palin’s Alaska – but now they have an addicting show: My Strange Addiction. It makes me laugh, cry, cringe, and a little hungry at times. Check out some of these stories:

Woman who eats toilet paper:

Woman who sleeps with blowdryer:

Here are some previews for upcoming shows: