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The Joey Bra!

30 Apr

If you’ve ever put together the perfect “going-out” ensemble and realized you didn’t want to lug a purse around BUT wondered where the heck you could stash your ID and phone…FEAR NO MORE: someone has created a stash bra – a bra with a pocket called The Joey Bra!

According to their website, “the first sexy, yet functional pocketed bra that will allow you to leave your purse behind and hit the dance floor without ever having to worry about the safety of your valuables. Our unique design will hold most cellphones, ID, key, and other small items regardless of bust size – no amount of items will change the way your bra fits you.

Now this sounds like a pretty good idea (better than shoving cash in your cleavage) but I can’t imagine an iPhone in your armpit is too comfy. And, it could also be hard to access if you’re not wearing a tank top or something with a low neck…and you probably won’t look too classy reaching for your money at the cash bar at your cousin’s wedding!


Shoot Your Friends…No Really, Shoot Them!

15 Mar

If you like hunting or pretending to shoot things AND like to take photos, then you’ll love “Killshot”! It’s a rifle turned into an actual camera! According to their website:

The rifle scope with crosshairs serves as the camera lens which is able to zoom in on intended subject and date/time stamp the shot. The object of the invention is to allow for simulation of game hunting and provide for documentation of the hunt by photo or video…The actual still shot or video capturing function is “trigger” operated, simulating a lethal shot on an intended target. A USB port on the device enables the replica rifle to be charged or linked to a computer for downloading of pictures or videos.

Check out the photos below:

You can find more info about the Killshot by clicking here!!!