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That’s One Spoiled Baby!

19 Apr

At just under $3,200 you can spoil your baby with their own Baby Jaccuzzi! It’s a little more expensive than just using your kitchen sink for baths—which probably came free with your home—but does your sink provide soft relaxing jets of bubbles? And does it have a set of colored LEDs on the bottom for soothing chromatherapy sessions? Probably not, which means you need to get the baby whirlpool by MagicBath!

The tub itself DOES look expensive and high quality…but what is up with the rubbermaid stand!?

You can read more about this ridiculous thing HERE!


Really? Picnic Pants?

30 Mar

Sometimes we come up with crazy ideas and never do anything about them – and a lot of the times that’s a good thing! Well an Italian brand called Acquacalda has decided to go ahead and MAKE THEM! ICK!

They say the pic-nic pant, promises to “take advantage of the usual cross-legged position to become a comfortable surface usual for consumption of a meal outdoors.” In other words, pants that serve as a table top or, well, pants on which you can have an actual picnic! Look at the photos below:

If the photos are any indication, these things look kinda crazy and hard to walk in! Not sure who is doing so much picnicing they need a special pair of pants – but to each their own!


Chocolate and Strawberries: Winning Love Combo!

13 Feb

Doctors say chocolate-covered strawberries are a must when it comes to lovemaking this Valentine’s Day. They claim Phenylethyamine, which is found in strawberries, is sometimes referred to as the ‘love drug’ because it quickens the pulse and emulates the feeling of falling in love.

Chocolate contains anandamide, which is similar to a chemical found in marijuana that causes feelings of euphoria. Olives are also recommended for great lovemaking sessions. Green ones make a man more virile, while black olives increase a woman’s libido. Both are rich in vitamin E, which is thought to boost your sex drive!

One of my favorite places to get fruit (chocolate covered or not) is Edible Arrangements – they always have the freshest and sweetest picks!

If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, you can always make them yourself! Click Here for a recipe!

Your Guide to Giving the Right Amount of Roses for VDay

7 Feb

According to Teleflora, the number of roses you gift someone has a symbolic meaning.

Here’s an easy guide:

–One rose is meant for early in a relationship, and means love at first sight.

–Three roses represents a shared love, and should be a one-month anniversary gift.

–Six roses symbolizes passion and infatuation.

–Ten roses says you believe your love is PERFECT.

–Twelve roses is perfect for Valentine’s Day, and means “be mine.”

–Thirteen roses means you just want to be friends.

–Fifteen roses means you’re SORRY.

–Twenty-four roses is like SHOUTING “I’m yours.”

–And forty roses means your love is truly genuine.  And also you have a lot of money.

Madonna’s Fab Halftime Fashion!

6 Feb

No one can argue that Madonna looks amazing for her age AND after last night’s performance we can all agree that she’s still got it! Her entrance to the Super Bowl XLVI halftime show was in true diva style – carried onto the field on a chariot by hot men!!! I am in love with her Grecian inspired outfit and awesome headpiece by milliner Philip Treacy. All her costumes were by Givenchy and the brand’s Italian Creative Director/Designer Riccardo Tisci.

Also so proud of Project Runway All Star Rami Kashou for designing the lovely draped dresses of Madonna’s Greek Goddesses (below)

OH and I want Madonna’s boots! FAB!

Interest in Pinterest?

8 Nov

Have you been invited to Pinterest yet? It’s a pretty cool website that allows you to create virtual “boards” and pin things to them. Think of it like cutting out photos from magazines/newspapers and making a collage – except this is online and super easy (requires no scissors)…it’s kind of hard to explain, this is what they say about themselves:

“Pinterest lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web. People use pinboards to plan their weddings, decorate their homes, and organize their favorite recipes.”

So far I have spent an hour browsing the site and created my own Fall/Winter 2011 pinboard with my favorite trends this season. You can check it out by clicking here!

To get started on your own Pinterest account, request an invite.