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Mile High Club Airline Lets You Get “It” On In The Air

15 Feb

Someone has taken the idea of renting a room by the hour at a sleazy motel and put it up in the air! (Yes, I am feeling like a need some hand sanitizer as I write this.) Flamingo Air Inc. has created a Flights of Fancy-Mile High Club package that legally allows you to get it on in the air.

According to their website you can buy the package for $425 including taxes and fees. The package includes: a 1 hour flight, a private curtained aircraft, champagne, chocolates, and “one very discreet pilot”.

Check out a photo of the plane:

You are now free to have sex in the plane.


EEEWWW: Germiest Places in the Mall

29 Nov


According to FoxNews.com the following are the most germy places in the mall:

Escalator handrails: Tests have found e-coli, mucus, urine and blood on the handrails. Avoid touching them all together if you can.

Food court tables: Even if you see them being wiped down, that does not necessarily mean they are clean. Bring your own disinfectant wipes with you.

Toy stores: Experts say they can even be germier than kids’ play areas because little ones tend to touch everything in toy stores. If you make a purchase that’s not in a package, wipe it down once you get it home.

Fitting rooms: Believe it or not you can pick up germs from the clothes you try on. Always wear full body underwear when trying on clothes.

Gadget shops: Again, everyone touches and plays with the display samples. Wipe them down with a disinfectant wipe before you touch them and use a hand-sanitizer afterwards.