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Butt-less Dresses!

13 Apr

Oh the things you can find on Etsy…like BUTT-LESS DRESSES! Lina Petrauskiene, a designer from Paiania, Greece, creates dresses that look normal from the front “BUTT” have quite the surprise from behind!


















I love the description of the dress: ‘This super sexy dress is made of synthetic fabric. It reveals the most attractive part of the women’s body.”

OMG! Maybe her racy designs can help her “crack into” the fashion business!

CLICK HERE to see more designs on Etsy


Really? Picnic Pants?

30 Mar

Sometimes we come up with crazy ideas and never do anything about them – and a lot of the times that’s a good thing! Well an Italian brand called Acquacalda has decided to go ahead and MAKE THEM! ICK!

They say the pic-nic pant, promises to “take advantage of the usual cross-legged position to become a comfortable surface usual for consumption of a meal outdoors.” In other words, pants that serve as a table top or, well, pants on which you can have an actual picnic! Look at the photos below:

If the photos are any indication, these things look kinda crazy and hard to walk in! Not sure who is doing so much picnicing they need a special pair of pants – but to each their own!


Love Me, Love My Shoes!

26 Mar

Someone in Malaysia has come up with a genius idea: Shoe Dating! Listen up, this is about to get complicated…A guy chooses a pair of shoes from a store that he would like to see his potential “mate” wear. Then he pays for part of that shoe (leaves a deposit). Women then go into this store and shop as usual. When they go up to the register to buy a pair of shoes, they can get them at a discounted rate IF she goes on a blind date with the man who also chose that shoe (and paid for part of it- thus making it discounted).

Has the potential to be a modern-day Cinderella Story – unless of course you get matched with a weirdo with a creepy foot fetish!

Click Here to read more!

Fashion Hoarding

16 Mar

A new survey by the clothing collection charity Give Up Clothes for Good reveals that 80% of women hoard clothing they can never wear. Other findings:

66% of hoarding women say they keep clothing because they hope to one day be able to wear them again.

25% of women will be four different sizes throughout their lifetime.

8% of women have four different sizes hanging in their closets.

25% of women keep clothes because they were so expensive they don’t feel they can part ways with them.

12% of women buy clothes too small in hopes of fitting into them

10% of women hold on to clothes for sentimental reasons


1. Jeans (36%)

2. Occasionwear (36%)

3. Tops (28%)

Dangerous Fashion

15 Mar

We all know a true fashionista will do anything to look good – including suffer major pain all in the name of fashion…BUT it turns out some items could cause some medical problems:

Skinny Jeans: If you find yourself with unexplained tingling and numbness in your legs, you may want to size up a little.

Spanx: According to the WSJ, these can cause “nerve compression and digestive issues.” .

Corsets: When sized incorrectly, a corset can and will cause major damage to your  internal organs.

Stilettos: Study after study has shown them to cause major foot problems, posture issues, and back pain.

Flip Flops/Flat Sandals: Can also cause foot problems and damage your back.

Worse Than Nude Stretch Pants…Mantyhose!

7 Mar

Oh goodness…this is bad…really bad!

Designer and hoisery retailer Emilio Cavallini is selling pantyhose for men. He claims ‘Manty-hose’ now account for 2 to 3% of his compamy’s annual sales. “When we started our online shop we noticed that a lot of tights sized medium-large were being purchased by men … So I did a search on the Internet and discovered there is a cult following for mantyhose.”

At first I pictured drag queens sporting nude control tops BUT after seeing photos of said mantyhose, I see it is for the more alternative guy! Reminds me of a guy named Eric I met at theater camp who wore colored tights under his holy and worn-in overalls…but I digress

Check them out:

IF you want a pair, which I do not suggest…CLICK HERE!

Alternate Uses for Bras!?

9 Feb
English: A white brassiere.

Image via Wikipedia

Occasionally women will find themselves with a bra they no longer have use for: it’s either too small, old and worn, or too big! So instead of throwing them out, here are some alternate uses for ’em:

1. Slingshot: Since we’re all obsessed with Angry Birds, why not make a bra into a slingshot to play the game in real life? Perfect for snowball fights/water balloon fights/annoying your neighbors, etc.

2. Snack holder: I feel as though a C-cup might be the regular serving size for any type of snack food (don’t quote me on that). So the next time you’ve got the munchies, just pour some popcorn into the cups of your bra and much away!

3. Eyemask: If you’re like me, the sun is not your friend (especially when trying to get some sleep), when burying your head in a pillow becomes too suffocating, just throw a bra over your eyes and let the cups cover up those rays streaming through your window.

4. Artwork: Use your old bras you never wear anymore and make a piece of art out of it. They have weirder stuff on display at any contemporary art museum than this, so don’t feel like an amateur. You could be the next Pollack!

5. Earmuffs: It’s wintertime, so turn your bra into earmuffs! The weather these days is so unpredictable so next time you walk into class and it’s 50 degrees and walk out to a blizzard, just unclasp your bra and put it over your head to keep those ears warm!

Thanks CollegeCandy.com for the story!