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Top Baby Names for 2012!

12 Apr

Nameberry has just released their list of the top 16 trending names for the year. The top names of the year have many connections to pop culture and celebrities – especially The Hunger Games!

Top Names of 2012:

Rue (From Namberry: Credit The Hunger Games, which has turned the spotlight on a range of exotic botanical names for girls, from the heroine’s name Katniss to gentle Primrose to Posy andClove.  But the hottest choice for babies, according to the Nameberry statistics, is sleek, simple, if somewhat mournfulRue, the name of the agile young girl who meets a tragic end in the series.  In real life, however, we see Rue as having a bright future.)

Emmett, Everett, and Beckett (Twilight’s Emmett Cullen)

Ivy (Beyonce and Jay Z)

Weston, Wesley, and West (All variety of West names are hot this year, but Weston, the choice of The Office’s JennaFischer for her son, is the hottest of them all.)

Adele (Pop star Adele)

Grayson and Gray (Hot new television series Revenge, which focuses on the Grayson family, may be having an influence.)


Cyrus (An ancient royal name, it’s got a fashionable S ending, is the surname of pop star Miley, and sports the cute nickname Cy.)

Estelle (Sweden’s royal couple named their baby daughterEstelle earlier this year, which is one reason for its increased attention.)

Cato (Cato might be a villain in The Hunger Games, but the popular series turned attention on a name that fits into a couple of other hot trends.  It’s an ancient Roman name that, like brothers Atticus and Cassius, is being resurrected by modern parents.  It’s got the stylish O ending.  And it kind of sounds like Kate, a name in the spotlight thanks to the new future Queen of England.)

Blythe ( Most closely identified withGwyneth Paltrow’s mom actress Blythe Danner, the one-syllable name has never been in the Top 1000 but could be a top middle name choice of tomorrow.)



Now you see them, now you don’t!

1 Mar

Why am I just now learning about clip on bangs!? Just days ago I saw a photo of Katie Holmes sporting some fierce fringe at Oscar parties, and today I see a new photo of her without them! How the heck does she do it? CLIP ON BANGS!

Katie with bangs (Feb. 26):

Photographed yesterday (Feb. 29) with no bangs:

I have been debating bangs for quite a while now, but no more: I am going to get some clip on bangs too! After doing a little (very little) research online, I found a few places to get them and for CHEAP!

Amazon has the “Hairdo” brand by Jessica Simpson and Ken Paves for about $15 each in a slew of colors. CLICK HERE

Ulta also has the “Hairdo” brand for $29 AND you can see the colors in person! CLICK HERE

Urban Outfitter has their own for $30 in a few colors. CLICK HERE