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Bienvenido a Miami!

21 May

Greetings from sunny Miami! (side note: it’s actually sunny most of the time BUT we apparently arrived during rainy season, and it has been raining every day) If you didn’t know already, I have left my position as Morning Co-Host (Morning Diva) at 95.9 The Ranch and I have moved to Miami to pursue a new career! Well, my boyfriend has started a new career – I am still looking. 🙂

Who knew Miami would be so different from Texas!?

The move has been an adventure so far, and I am sure it will continue to be…before we even left our old place we had issues but now we are hanging out in an extended stay hotel (with Romeo) while we look for a place to live! Looking for an apartment/condo in Miami is a far cry from how we did it in Texas. Most places are individually owned condos for rent – at a premium! So far we have seen what is considered the low-end and not so low-end…I would say high-end but we didn’t venture into any of the $10,000/month condos – even though that would have been a sight to see! We just put an offer on a place, so keep your fingers crossed we aren’t homeless too much longer.

I am not sure where or what my next job will be, but I promise to keep you posted!


Things I Love: Too Faced Eye Shadow with Instructions!

8 Dec

I love to put makeup on and play dress up, but I admit I am not very good at it and most of my makeup just sits unused. But now I have found great makeup that comes with instructions! Too Faced has eye shadow kits that come complete with cards explaining how to use the colors you have. They have instructions for natural, smokey, romantic, day, night, fashion, etc.  You won’t believe how easy they are to use- AND there are pictures! 🙂

I got a great deal on a eye shadow, blush, and gloss set WITH instructions at Sephora! Happy Shopping!