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Time to get my BUTT in gear…Bikini Body here I come!

4 Apr

I work odd hours as a morning radio host (5am-1pm) and don’t watch much TV because, well let’s face it day time TV doesn’t offer the best programming. I always seem to catch the infomercial for the Brazil Butt Lift workout, and since I am lacking in the badonkadonk department, I finally broke down and ordered the entire set! I have always been envious of the women who “got back”…but I am wondering if my flat butt will even come close to these legendary behinds. Can you guess who they belong to??? (*Answers at bottom of post):

*Answers to booty quiz: 1-Jessica Biel, 2-Jessica Alba, 3-Kim Kardashian, 4-Jennifer Lopez, 5- Kendra Wilkinson, 6-Jessica Simpson, 7-Lady Gaga