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The Joey Bra!

30 Apr

If you’ve ever put together the perfect “going-out” ensemble and realized you didn’t want to lug a purse around BUT wondered where the heck you could stash your ID and phone…FEAR NO MORE: someone has created a stash bra – a bra with a pocket called The Joey Bra!

According to their website, “the first sexy, yet functional pocketed bra that will allow you to leave your purse behind and hit the dance floor without ever having to worry about the safety of your valuables. Our unique design will hold most cellphones, ID, key, and other small items regardless of bust size – no amount of items will change the way your bra fits you.

Now this sounds like a pretty good idea (better than shoving cash in your cleavage) but I can’t imagine an iPhone in your armpit is too comfy. And, it could also be hard to access if you’re not wearing a tank top or something with a low neck…and you probably won’t look too classy reaching for your money at the cash bar at your cousin’s wedding!


New iPhone App Tracks Liars and Cheaters!?

13 Oct

Apple has come up with a new app called “Find My Friends” but I don’t think anyone is really going to use it to find their friends…it’s basically a GPS tracking device for humans! You invite “friends” to let you track them on the app and vice versa, then you can locate them on a map and find their EXACT location using their iPhone!!!











Why do I have the feeling that paranoid spouses will be using this to make sure their significant other is where they are supposed to be!? OR parents will be using this to make sure their children aren’t getting into trouble! I sure pity kids these days…I had it pretty good carrying around my pager back when I was in high school! 😉

Check out the app here: http://itunes.apple.com/app/find-my-friends/id466122094?mt=8

Don’t Copy Steve Jobs, Just Be Inspired

7 Oct

According to the maker of Steve Jobs’ iconic mock turtleneck, sales have skyrocketed since his passing.  St. Croix (the maker of the shirt) told TMZ the brand saw an “almost 100% increase in sales.”

I am going to be honest, if men start wearing mock turtlenecks I might puke. There are only a handful of men that can pull that look off, and chances are YOU’RE NOT ONE OF THEM! And by the way, that shirt will set you back $175 !

Check out the full story here: http://newsfeed.time.com/2011/10/06/brand-behind-steve-jobs-iconic-turtleneck-sees-sales-boost/

Dorks with iPads and iPhones Make Some Pretty Cool Holiday Music!

9 Dec

I didn’t really want an iPad until now! These guys made some pretty good music using ONLY iPads and iPhones! Dorks with electronics have never looked so sexy! Check out the video below:

Here’s another cool video for the holidays – Rudolph, You Don’t Have to Put on the Red Light: