Shelter Cat Saves Life!

24 Feb

Most of you know me as the “crazy dog girl” – and while that’s true, I really do love ALL animals. We have a special segment on our show every Wednesday called “Pet of the Week,” where Tammy from the Humane Society of North Texas brings an adoptable shelter animal to our studios and we try and get it adopted. Well if you ever doubted how amazing shelter animals are…you need to read to this story:

A 36-year-old woman in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin adopted a cat named “Pudding”  from an animal shelter back on February 8th.  And just a few hours after taking the cat home, the woman had a diabetic seizure and the cat was able to revive her by swatting her face and biting her nose!  Then he jumped on her son, who called for help. She says she would not have survived the night if not for Pudding.

Amazing. Just think, you are saving an animals life when you adopt them and in turn, they could save yours too! Be sure and check out our Ranch Pet of the Week page on our website.

You can read the entire story here!


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