Chocolate and Strawberries: Winning Love Combo!

13 Feb

Doctors say chocolate-covered strawberries are a must when it comes to lovemaking this Valentine’s Day. They claim Phenylethyamine, which is found in strawberries, is sometimes referred to as the ‘love drug’ because it quickens the pulse and emulates the feeling of falling in love.

Chocolate contains anandamide, which is similar to a chemical found in marijuana that causes feelings of euphoria. Olives are also recommended for great lovemaking sessions. Green ones make a man more virile, while black olives increase a woman’s libido. Both are rich in vitamin E, which is thought to boost your sex drive!

One of my favorite places to get fruit (chocolate covered or not) is Edible Arrangements – they always have the freshest and sweetest picks!

If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, you can always make them yourself! Click Here for a recipe!


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