Alternate Uses for Bras!?

9 Feb
English: A white brassiere.

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Occasionally women will find themselves with a bra they no longer have use for: it’s either too small, old and worn, or too big! So instead of throwing them out, here are some alternate uses for ’em:

1. Slingshot: Since we’re all obsessed with Angry Birds, why not make a bra into a slingshot to play the game in real life? Perfect for snowball fights/water balloon fights/annoying your neighbors, etc.

2. Snack holder: I feel as though a C-cup might be the regular serving size for any type of snack food (don’t quote me on that). So the next time you’ve got the munchies, just pour some popcorn into the cups of your bra and much away!

3. Eyemask: If you’re like me, the sun is not your friend (especially when trying to get some sleep), when burying your head in a pillow becomes too suffocating, just throw a bra over your eyes and let the cups cover up those rays streaming through your window.

4. Artwork: Use your old bras you never wear anymore and make a piece of art out of it. They have weirder stuff on display at any contemporary art museum than this, so don’t feel like an amateur. You could be the next Pollack!

5. Earmuffs: It’s wintertime, so turn your bra into earmuffs! The weather these days is so unpredictable so next time you walk into class and it’s 50 degrees and walk out to a blizzard, just unclasp your bra and put it over your head to keep those ears warm!

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One Response to “Alternate Uses for Bras!?”

  1. jennifer mcconnelly February 12, 2012 at 2:04 am #

    As for your old ill fitting bras, I work with a great group of ladies making quilts for those that are less fortunate. We use old bras in the making of the quilts and are always in need of them.
    If you decide to part with your old bras please let us know. It is much better to put them to good use on a worthy cause instead of sending them to a landfill!


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