10 Jan
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According to shopping experts, January is a great time to shop and snag some great deals on everything from clothes to electronics and fruit!

CLOTHES : Stores will be putting much of their winter clothes — everything from coats and hats to scarves and gloves — on sale.  Expect price cuts of 40% to 70%.  If you’re already looking forward to summer, A lot of retailers mark down beachwear in January.  Expect discounts of about 20%t to 25% on average.

ELECTRONICS : Some  manufacturers are continuing their low holiday prices on TVs and digital cameras due to a surplus (especially plasma and LCD).  The price cuts are 25% to 35%t on some models. And since more and more people are using their smart phones to take photos, cameras will continue to be less money.

COSMETICS : Some retailers and manufacturers offer deals on makeup in January. Expect to see special offers, like a two-, three- or four-piece set that comes with your purchase. Or you might get a larger size for the price of a smaller one.

HOUSEWARES : January white sales are an annual tradition. But for retailers who sell housewares, the discounts have moved beyond sheets and towels.  Look for deals on everything from dinnerware to blankets to small housewares with discounts of 20% to 50%.

FRUIT : Citrus fruits will be cheaper during the month of January. Larger citrus fruits — such as grapefruit, navel oranges and blood oranges will all be at their cheapest. Fresh blueberries are another good buy in January.


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