The Black Friday Ten Commandments

23 Nov

1. Thou shall know the value of goods.

Okay, let’s get this straight just because something has a sale sign next to it doesn’t mean you’re getting a good deal! Know the everyday price (value) of the item you want to purchase. If you can get coupons for this store, factor that in too. Compare the price to the price it is listed as on Black Friday. Ex: If I want a pair of jeans from Express that are normally $60 and I know that Express will eventually send me a coupon for $20 off – the value of those jeans are $40. SO, if on Black Friday the jeans are 20% off – they will be $48.  Thus- the better deal is with a coupon – NOT on Black Friday.

*If you’re not so good with math, you can figure out the sale price here:

2. Thou shalt not overbuy.

Oh goodness I have broken this commandment several times! But seriously, just because you can get a good deal on a shirt do you really need it in EVERY color under the sun? No! You will end up spending more if you buy too much. Just take a deep breath and assess your needs before purchasing.

3. Thou shall use coupons.

If you can find coupons to use on Black Friday – do not hesitate. Look online, look at your emails, and look in the paper! But refer to commandment #1 – don’t fall for Black Friday gimmicks. But PLEASE, I repeat, PLEASE do not fall for coupons that require you to spend more to save more. Don’t push yourself to spend $100 to save $10 if you didn’t intend on spending that much anyway.

4. Thou shalt not purchase cheap knock-offs.

Yes, a 60-inch LCD TV for $100 does sound like an amazing deal…but look close, it’s a Phony not Sony! Don’t fall for amazing deals on sub-par brands. Compare the specs and go for the better brand.

5. Thou shalt not fall for freebies.

Do not base your shopping trip on getting as many free things as possible – you will not end up saving any money. Think about it, the store is giving something away (which is usually crap) to get you in the store – once you’re there they don’t really have to do anything else: meaning they don’t have to slash prices!

6. Thou shalt not buy jewels.

This is a bad time of the year to buy jewelry – mainly because the demand is so high. Discounts on jewelry and watches will not be good before the holidays, i.e. Black Friday.  The best time to buy jewelry is during times when people are less inclined to buy something sparkly.

7. Thou shalt not forget about sales tax and shipping costs.

You will be able to find great deals in stores and online, but don’t forget to add the sales tax and shipping costs when figuring out the final cost of items. If you’re buying large items like TVs the tax and shipping can be a killer! Of course my favorite place to buy things online is Amazon because it’s tax free AND will have lots of shipping deals!

8. Thou shalt not buy too much winter apparel and coats.

While clothing stores will be having some great deals going on, it may not be the best time of the year to buy heavy sweaters, boots, or winter coats. Experts say the best deals on those will be in January.

9. Thou shall make a plan of attack.

Plan your shopping trip – you’ll be glad you did. If you want to land a doorbuster, you’re going to have to wait. Try talking to store employees and try to find out what time people starting lining up last year. You can always split into shopping teams and make a list of exact items you want.

10. Thou shall relax, it’s just shopping.

HA! Yeah, I don’t believe that one either!


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