Shopping Apps!

22 Nov

There are tons of shopping apps out there and I have narrowed down a few of my favorites that SHOULD come in handy on Black Friday and for all your holiday shopping.

“Price Check” by : Look up products and compare prices by taking a picture, saying the name of the product, or typing it.  Or, my favorite use for the app is  if you’re already at the store, you can just take a picture of the barcode and see if you can find it for cheaper on Amazon. You can get “Price Check” FOR FREE on the iPhone, iPad, Android, or Blackberry.

“Shop Savvy” : Just like “Price Check,” it lets you comparison shop by scanning the product’s barcode.  But it also tells you how much it’s selling for online, AND at other stores in the area.  It’s available FOR FREE on the iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone.

 “Fast Mall” : This app is pretty handy if you are not that familiar with the area you want to shop in.  It has maps and interactive navigation tools for more than 1,250 malls across the country. In addition to hunting down the location of the nearest restroom, FastMall helps you pick the quickest route to your favorite store. You can even tell it to find the fastest route using elevators if you’re navigating the holiday crowds with a stroller. It’s available FOR FREE on the iPhone and the Android.

“Key Ring Rewards” : I haven’t test this app yet, but the idea is pretty cool. You take a picture of your membership tag, and viola! You’re ready to go. Just use the app when you’re in the checkout line. The cashier can either scan the barcode from the image on the phone, or enter in the membership number.

Some of my standbys:

Groupon : If you haven’t started to Groupon, you really need to start – it’s a no-brainer! You can get amazing deals from restaurants, spas, retail stores, etc. Don’t forget the “Groupon Now” button on the app that gives you a list a super good deals in your area for that day only. Groupon is available on most smart phones and you can also subscribe to get their offers sent to you by email.

Living Social : Just like Groupon, Living Social offers deep discounts on places in your area. They don’t have a “now” feature though. The Living Social app is available on most smart phones and you can also subscribe to get their offers sent to you by email.


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