Music Festival Fashion

11 Oct

Our big music festival, Ranch Bash, is coming up this Saturday! It got me thinking about music festival fashion, and what to bring and what not to bring. Here is my fashion guide to a music fest:

1: Wear comfy shoes! You’re going to be standing and walking for hours, so wear shoes that are cute as well as functional. Flip flops could be an option for a summer music fest if you don’t plan on standing close to the stage (rowdy fans might step on your toes)! I suggest sneakers, boat shoes, comfy boots or Toms.

2: Protect Yourself from the Sun! Wear your sunnies (thanks Rachel Zoe) and wear your sunscreen. The sun will most likely be high in the sky for most of the festival, and there no point in squinting to see your favorite band! You can always rock a cool hat like a fedora or a wide brimmed hat to block the sun. And we all know a sunburn is never sexy.

3: Prepare for weather changes! Weather can be unpredictable, especially in Texas, so think about your outfit. If it’s warm during the day and cool at night bring a sweater if you can carry it all day without forgetting about it. I stuffed leggings into my purse when I went to ACL last year, and put them on under my dress when it got cooler. You might want to pack a rain slicker/pancho in your bag too if you can fit it.

4: Bust out your OWN style! As we’ve seen in the past, anything goes at music festivals: shirts, bikini tops, dresses, shorts, costumes, and even naked people covered in mud! You might want to keep your clothes on, but try and rock your own individual style. Music festivals celebrate music, art, and creativity so use your imagination and wear something that expresses your personality.


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