Kicking Off Fashion Week with Project Runway and Dudes in Underwear!!!

9 Sep

To kick off Fashion Week 2011 in NYC, I sat my cute butt on my couch and watched Project Runway! I’ve been on the fence about the show since it switched to Lifetime from Bravo, but I still watch since the other knock-offs are horrible. But I digress, this season of PR is a little disturbing…first off: an hour and a half is too long! The show could easily be cut down to an hour if they just left out all the superfluous drama. And the drama isn’t even that good, I mean two guys getting snippy with each other is hardly entertaining. Toss in some hair pulling or garment-cutting sabotage!!! But my main issue with the show is the lack of talent…Becky and Bert should have gone home a long time ago. Thank goodness Becky is gone, but seriously Bert’s dress last night was TERRIBLE!!!

Okay enough ranting…here are some half-naked men!

(image by Getty)

To kick things off in NYC,  underwear brand 2(x)ist had a runway show all their own – and it looks like it was a hot one!!!!

Here’s more eye-candy for ya-

Got to love a man in uniform! TGIF!



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