Women Wear Makeup for Other Women

25 Jul

A new poll by the QVC finds that one in three women would never leave the house without wearing make-up (whoops I didn’t apply any oday – it’s Monday and I work in radio!).  And nearly one in four reapply it within just two or three hours of being out. AND on average, women think about their appearance nine times a day.

BUT when it comes to WHY women wear makeup, the findings will surprise you (maybe): more than a third of the women polled said that they were more worried about looking good for other women than impressing the opposite sex! 


One Response to “Women Wear Makeup for Other Women”

  1. Deril January 2, 2012 at 2:12 am #

    The article ”Women Wear Makeup for Other Women” was very interesting and would wish to publish this. What do you think?

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