Fight Groping with More Groping???

18 Jul

We’ve all heard the horror stories about being groped by TSA agents while trying to board a plane, heck I’ve even been a victim, but I’m still trying to figure out if a “titty twister” is the answer. Check out this story:

Yukari Miyamae, a 61-year-old Colorado woman, faces felony charges for groping a TSA agent. 

Miyamae was in Phoenix’s Sky Airport on Thursday en route home to Colorado when the incident occurred,KWGN reports.

According to the arrest report, Miyamae is accused of groping TSA agent Barbara O’Toole’s “left breast through her clothing and squeezing and twisting it with both hands without the victim’s permission.”

Miyamae admits to groping the agent and faces felony charges of sexual abuse, the Daily News reports. Miyamae was released from a Phoenix-area jail on Friday. 

Ha! As many times as I’ve thought about it, I never did it, thus this woman is my new hero!


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