What your swimsuit color says about your personality!

27 May

This is always fun! Every summer they come out with these lists, and I think they become less and less accurate…BUT it’s still fun to compare! 🙂

–Black Swimsuits mean you like to stand out from the crowd, are sensuous, like to tan and love the beach.

–White Swimsuits
 mean you like to control any situation you are in, have some innocence in your life and sometimes can be very provocative.

–Red Swimsuits
 mean you like to be flamboyant, remembered by people who meet you, love sports and will always try anything once.

–Blue Swimsuits
 mean you are always calm and collected, organized and like to follow a schedule.

— Orange Swimsuits
 mean you are a morning person, you are enthusiastic and you are positive and optimistic.

— Lavender Swimsuits 
mean you like to stand out in a crowd, are personable and like being mysterious at times.

–Yellow Swimsuits 
mean you are bright and cheerful, like to smile, like nature and have a good sense of humor.

— Green Swimsuits mean you like the outdoors, are honest and open and love meeting new people.

(source: 1,001 Ways To Reveal Your Personality, Elayne J. Kahn)

While we’re talking about swimsuits, Victoria’s Secret is having their semi-annual sale and it includes some GREAT prices on swimsuits! CLICK HERE!


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