Happy International Sea Monkey Day!!!

16 May

According to someone with the authority to do so, today is International Sea Monkey Day! Woo hoo! (If you were born after 1989, you might not know what Sea Monkeys are.) Anyway, this got me thinking a about a few things…

Number One: Are Sea Monkeys still around? Number Two: What exactly are those little things? and Number Three: Will Dexter let me have some in our apartment?

Well question one was easy: YES! You can still buy Sea Monkeys! They have a website: http://www.sea-monkeys.com/ – you can purchase a starter kit online for $19.99 and you can even buy extra supplies and accessories.

The answer to question two is very interesting to a science nerd like me…the simple answer is: They are a cross-breed of brine shrimp – and pretty creepy looking up-close. What’s so cool about them is they stay dormant inside their eggs for many years until you add them to water! The website has a great explanation of all that here: http://www.sea-monkeys.com/html/aboutsm/whatarethey.html

Now the answer to my third question is still unanswered…I just have such fond memories of Sea Monkeys as a kid, I think it would be fun to have them again! If you have kids, you might consider getting a starter kit for them, it’s definitely entertaining and educational.

While surfing the net for info about Sea Monkeys, I found this crazy video of a live-action Sea Monkey TV show! Apparently CBS did a show starring Howie Mandel as a scientist who accidentally enlarges three Sea Monkey brothers…Here is a clip:


One Response to “Happy International Sea Monkey Day!!!”

  1. braintheft February 12, 2012 at 1:13 am #

    love it. just got some. cant wait for the little …things.. to hatch.

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