Foods That Put You OUT Of The Mood!

30 Mar

Yesterday was all about how to get in the mood, and today there is a list of foods and activities that can lower your libido!

WHITE BREAD: Eating too much white bread and other refined carbohydrates can sap your sex drive. Foods such as white bread release the sugar more quickly than their wholegrain counterparts — and too much sugar is associated with energy slumps, which mean you won’t have the energy for sex.

COLD & FLU REMEDIES: Over-the-counter cold and flu remedies are well-known libido dampeners. Those that contain diphenhydramine or pseudoephedrine not only affect your sex drive but can cause erectile dysfunction.

TONIC WATER: Quinine, the ingredient which gives tonic water its unique flavor, may affect libido. Scientists at the University of Lagos in Nigeria found that quinine was a ‘testicular toxicant’ and lowered the levels of testosterone in rats. In a separate study, they found it also significantly lowered sperm concentration and motility.

LOSING WEIGHT TOO QUICKLY: Many women try to get thin so they are more attractive, but the irony is it can kill their sex life and defeat the point of trying to be thin in the first place. Losing weight too fast can disturb the hormones and even affect fertility.

TRYING FOR A BABY: Love-making becomes pressured and mechanical, and many men have performance anxiety. It soon goes away if you try to relax about ovulation times.’

Here’s the entire story from Daily Mail: click here!


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