Lose Inches with Leggings? PMS Bracelet? Technology Meets Fashion!

24 Feb

Yesterday we talked about jeggings (jean leggings) and meggings (leggings for men) – now there’s “diet pants” — called “turbocell leggings” – they’re supposed to help you slim down. They work by being so tight and hot that your body’s temperature supposedly increases by 3.6 degrees and revs up your metabolism.

However, they do note, “these leggings don’t feel tight or hot.” They also supposedly squeeze you two inches thinner and “promote fluid drainage.” They’re $149. In clinical tests, 19% of volunteers reported less cellulite, 71% saw smoother skin and 76% looked firmer after wearing the leggings for two months, eight hours a day.

HHmmm I might have tried in these in the winter, but it’s about to get way too hot to wear and extra layer that heats you up!

Now onto the PMS bracelet: Some British guy has come up with an idea for a bracelet that can alert husbands when their wives are PMSing.

“A wristband has been designed to change colour when a woman is suffering from pre-menstrual syndrome.

It works by monitoring subtle changes in a woman’s body temperature during her monthly cycle – and has been dubbed ‘Help for Husbands’ by inventor Karl Dorn.”

Right now it’s just an idea, and there is no prototype but I bet there are men lining up to fund this invention! Here is the article: CLICK HERE!


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