Yummy Pancake Deal & Good News if You Like Chocolate and Cheeseburgers!

22 Feb

Hungry for breakfast at odd hours? Good news, The Ol’ South Pancake House is open 24/7 AND I have a coupon for ya! Spend $10 and get a $20 gift card! Check out today’s LivingSocial Deal here.

Okay and now on to the best news of the day…new research says we can all eat an extra candy bar or cheeseburger a day!

“Scientists claim that official guidelines for our calorie intake has been set too low. The current recommended calorie limit is 2,000 a day for a woman and 2,500 for a man — but new research says the current recommendations underestimate how many calories we burn off while walking, breathing and even sleeping. Their revised guidelines could increase this daily allowance by up to 16 percent, the equivalent of 320 extra calories for women and 400 for men. That equates to another candy bar a day for women and an added cheeseburger for men.”


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