Clean up your desk you SLOB!

26 Jan

A new survey by OfficeMax proves your boss is judging you because of the mess on your desk!

53% of people surveyed say they think negative things about coworkers who have messy desks.  40% – including managers and bosses, say that they think a messy desk is a sign that the person is lacking in other aspects of their job too.

And it gets worse: 13% of people say they have a lower overall opinion of their messy coworker AS A HUMAN BEING.  4% say it’s a sign you’re really bad at your job.  And 3% think a messy desk is a sign that you’re NOT SMART.

And the kicker: 77% say that when things are messy or cluttered, it hurts their productivity.  And 9% say that being surrounded by a mess makes them GAIN WEIGHT.

Wow, if that’s not a reason to clear off those moldy coffee mugs and piles of papers, I don’t know what is!



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