Bacteria and Fashion, They Go Together Like Peas and Carrots!

21 Jan

It’s cold out there and you probably got on boots and jeans…and some bacteria!

According to some podiatrist in New York, UGG boots and other boots that are made with real sheepskin can be breeding grounds for harmful bacteria . . . which can lead to fungus, food odor, and inflammation. Yummy!

And if that doesn’t gross you out, some college student in Canada wore the same pair of jeans everyday for 15 months to conduct an experiment on the amount of bacteria on clothing. He kept his usual hygiene routine and put the jeans in the freezer every two weeks to help with any odor. (I didn’t know the freezer could de-stink clothes) At the end of the experiment he ran tests on the pants and found the pants bacteria levels were the same as any other samples that were washed regularly. Well, that’s good news if you hate doing laundry.

I found a photo online of jeans in the freezer:


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