Not So Golden Radio Voice Guy

12 Jan

Just last week, 53-year-old Ted Williams went from homeless to famous after video featuring his “golden radio voice” captivated the country. But this week Williams is back in the spotlight for getting in trouble with the law!

Williams was briefly detained by the L.A.P.D. on Monday night after getting into a screaming match with his daughter at the Renaissance Hotel in Hollywood. A police spokesperson says, “An investigation was conducted and two indiviudals were transferred to the Hollywood station. Police determined no crime was committed by either party. Nobody wanted to press charges.” Ted says, “Fists got to flying, none of which were mine. In the process, I got scratched on my face. My daughter hit me. It was just a misunderstanding.”

In an interview with ET, Ted Williams’ daughter also claims that he’d been drinking again. She said Ted has been drinking a bottle of vodka a night, plus beer and wine.


Unfortunately a lot of people say this coming because Williams doesn’t have the rosiest past including serving time for theft, forgery, and drug possession. Check out some of his past mugshots:

Now what will happen with all those offers that Williams had? I was thinking instead of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, they could easily change his endorsement to CRACK Macaroni and Cheese!


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