More Shopping Deals & Tips!

10 Dec

How about TWO magazine subscriptions for a year for just $10! Get Martha Stewart’s Everyday Food and Whole Living delivered to your doorstep for a year! (or your mama’s or your sister’s…) See the deal here!

Okay West-O-Plex residents, I’ve got a GREAT deal for you: Half Off to Simply Fondue in Sundance Square!!! You pay $25 for a $50 gift card! Check out the deal here! (There will be a new half-off deal posted here every Friday)


While you’re out shopping this weekend, I do have some helpful hints for you:

1. Do you homework! Just because a store says they are having a huge sale doesn’t mean they have the best prices. Scour the internet, grab your newspaper, even call retailers to compare prices.  Also, one brand may be cheaper than the other for what seems like the same exact product…there’s a reason it’s cheaper- stick to the brands you’ve heard of.

2. Don’t buy extended warranties! Don’t waste your money on extended warranties offered by retailers. The manufacturer’s warranty should protect you against any defect for up to a year, and the cost of protection beyond that generally isn’t worth it.

3. Don’t pay for shipping! Free shipping is so easy to come by these days and especially right now during holiday shopping. Most retailers are offering free shipping, and if they don’t- there’s probably someone offering the same product with free shipping on another site. Stores like JC Penney are offering free shipping to stores – so you pick out what you want online, and they will send it for free to the store nearest you for pick up.


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