Three Kinds of Underwear to Buy This Holiday Season

2 Dec

Need to give a gift to the jet-setter in your life? How about “4th Amendment Wear”!  The underwear sports all 54 words of the Fourth Amendment — barring unreasonable searches and seizures — printed in metallic ink along with the U.S. seal. The text will show up on the Transportation Security Administration’s body scanners obscuring private parts. Men’s boxers or women’s underwear sell for $24 and $30, respectively.

For those Chubby Chasers and Larger Ladies, a British company is now selling the world’s largest women’s underwear – made for a 630 pound women with a 105 inch waist! They cost $30 a pair and come in size 15 XL! You can buy them from the Big Bloomer Company.

Got flabby arms? Get “Ch’Arms” – Spanx for your arms! It’s a boobles long sleeve shirt that can be worn under any short sleeve shirt or dress to cover up your chubby arms. Check out the silly picture below:









2 Responses to “Three Kinds of Underwear to Buy This Holiday Season”

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  2. Burton Haynes December 20, 2010 at 9:58 am #

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