Shopping Tips #1

3 Nov

Many stores are having pre-Black Friday sales: for example, Sears will run Cyber Black Friday deals every Friday, starting now through November 26.

Just in time for the holidays HP has come out with a rival to the ipad: The Slate 500 Tablet PC – While it looks like an ipad, it functions more like a full-on laptop. It has a smaller screen than the ipad though. The Slate is priced at $800, $100 more than the top-of-the-line Wi-Fi iPad. The Slate is for, H.P. said it is primarily for business.

Barnes & Noble introduced a new $249 Nook e-reader Tuesday (October 26th) ahead of the holidays that has a color touch screen. The Nookcolor is the first full-color touch e-reader, differentiating it from black-and-white competitors like Amazon’s Kindle. Nookcolor has a full-color display on the new seven-inch screen, unlike earlier versions that had color only on the bottom half of a dual-screen. Barnes & Noble said it will begin taking orders for the Nookcolor online and in stores today, and it will begin shipping in mid-November.

According to experts now is the best time to buy Jeans – the back-to-school shopping rush is over and let’s face it, people are rushing out to buy jeans for Christmas presents. You can get between 25-75 % off jeans around this time of the year.

Almost all of your favorite stores have a website, join their mailing list and let your inbox fill up with deals! Below are some of my favorite picks!
for everything from half off at restaurants to salons and even gyms! just like Groupon! from designer sunglasses, bags, jewelry, and dresses up to 85% off! just like the above website!


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  1. Burton Haynes December 21, 2010 at 8:05 am #

    I really enjoy visiting your blog, it is actually one of the highlights of my week. I particularly enjoy reading it during my lunch hour.

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