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Bum Boosters!

14 Nov

I don’t know why I have always been afraid of butt pads, but (no pun intended) essentially it’s just a little boost for your bum just like a padded bra is for your boobs! So what’s the problem!? Apparently there isn’t a problem in Britain, according to The Daily Mail, “Since Pippa’s appearance at the royal wedding, sales of ‘padded pants’ have rocketed as women try to emulate her shapely derriere, according to experts.”

So after doing some research, I found a company that makes a pretty cute and functional pair. Bubbles Body Wear has a padded boyshort with removable foam pads for $34.00 available online. Check out these before and after pics:

Read more:

Congrats Anya!

28 Oct

I am so proud of my Anya (yes, she’s all mine because I have been rooting for her all season long!!!!) Anya Ayoung-Chee won Project Runway Season 9 last night! Defying all odds entering the competition with just 3 months of sewing experience under her belt, it was clear from the first challenge that Anya had impeccable taste and amazing style. Although she had won a few challenges and was rarely in the bottom, Anya almost didn’t make it to the finale. But she rose to the challenge and showed a gorgeous collection of elegant, flowy resort/beach wear. Here are a few of my favs:

LOVE YOU ANYA! Good luck in the future!!!

People Don’t Like Rosie

19 Oct

According to a recent poll by, Rosie O’Donnell, who recently debuted her new talk show on Oprah‘s OWN network, was named the worst host by a landslide, with 61 percent of respondents voicing their dislike for Rosie. Tied for second “worst host” were Jerry Springer and Star Jones, with each capturing 11 percent of the vote.

Don’t Copy Steve Jobs, Just Be Inspired

7 Oct

According to the maker of Steve Jobs’ iconic mock turtleneck, sales have skyrocketed since his passing.  St. Croix (the maker of the shirt) told TMZ the brand saw an “almost 100% increase in sales.”

I am going to be honest, if men start wearing mock turtlenecks I might puke. There are only a handful of men that can pull that look off, and chances are YOU’RE NOT ONE OF THEM! And by the way, that shirt will set you back $175 !

Check out the full story here:

Worst Songs of the 80s According to Rolling Stone

7 Oct

Okay Rolling Stone, I know that you’re supposed to be “hip” and “edgy” but slamming some of the best jams from my childhood is not cool! Check out the list below of “The Worst Songs of the 80s”:

1.)  “We Built This City”,  Starship  (1985)

2.)  “The Final Countdown”,  Europe  (1986)

3.)  “Lady in Red”,  Chris de Burgh  (1986)

4.)  “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go”,  Wham!  (1984)

5.)  “The Safety Dance”,  Men Without Hats  (1982)

6.)  “Rock Me Amadeus”,  Falco  (1986)

7.)  “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”,  Bobby McFerrin  (1988)

8.)  “Mickey”,  Toni Basil  (1982)

9.)  “Puttin’ on the Ritz”,  Taco  (1983)

10.)  “Never Gonna Give You Up”,  Rick Astley  (1987)

I just don’t see how a gem like “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley can end up on the same list as “Mickey” by Toni Brasil…and seriously “The Safety Dance” by Men Without Hats is one of THE BEST songs of the 80s!!! Shame on you Rolling Stone!!!!

Ke$ha Gets A MakeUNDER!

26 Sep

Hello Beautiful Lady! Ke$ha is looking super hot in her new ads for Baby G by Casio watches!

Ke$ha designed two separate Baby-G watches, a $120 model featuring leopard print and an ‘All American’ red, white and blue design.

And it has all come full circle for Ke$ha: She said: ‘It’s really meaningful for me because I wrote my first single Tik Tok on a Casio keyboard.’  Now if she could only continue to be this scrubbed-down version instead of the glitter bomb hot mess we’re used to!!!

Chew More, Weigh Less…Celeb Diet Secrets!

21 Sep

I almost spit out my coffee when I read this headline: “Want a body like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley? Model’s personal trainer reveals how to lose weight fast – with NO diet” Really? Have you seen Rosie???

According to And now, James Duigan – personal trainer to Elle Macpherson and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, you don’t have to work your butt off at the gym OR count calories…what you DO have to do is chew slowly! I am not kidding, check this out:

It’s simple according to new research, the longer you spend chewing, the less calories you consume. 

A study found people who chewed each mouthful 40 times ate 12 per cent less food than those who chewed just 15 times, leading researchers to suggest eating quickly, gorging and binge eating could have a substantial effect on being overweight.

The study also showed obese participants chewed less and ingested more quickly than slimmer ones.

Experts believe chewing for longer prevents over-eating by giving the brain more time to receive signals from the stomach that it is full.

It is also thought to lower levels of ghrelin, the ‘hunger hormone’, circulating in the digestive system, meaning eating more slowly can be a simple and effective way of tackling weight problems. 

‘The mouth is the first part of your digestive system so chewing your food properly is the start of an efficient mechanical breakdown of what you eat,’ says female nutrition specialist, Dr Marilyn Glenville.

‘It also takes around 20 minutes for the stomach to register it is full so chewing thoroughly slows you down and can help prevent you overeating and gaining weight. Take your time chewing and you’ll find you don’t want or need as much food at meals.’

‘Chewing properly liquidises food to ensure your body can digest it efficiently and absorb maximum nutrients,’ adds James Duigan, author of Flat Tummy Fast and celebrity personal trainer ( ‘As it takes time to register you’re full, takes a 20 minute before your next course and you might feel you don’t need any more.’

There are a few more tips in the article from The Daily Mail – CLICK HERE- to read more.

Gossip Girl Clothing Line

20 Sep

If you’re a fan of fashion and the show Gossip Girl, you’re going to love this: Warner Bros. is launching a Gossip Girl clothing line!

In conjunction with Gossip Girl‘s season premiere on September 26th, the clothing line will debut. Romeo and Juliet Couture, a label based in Los Angeles, partnered with the production company to create the line. You’ll be able to snag them at Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus.

*Loving the dress on the far right BTW! It’s so Serena! ;-)

More info: CLICK HERE!

Attack of the MOM JEANS!

16 Sep

Lacey, Lacey, Lacey….shame on you sweetie!

You are witnessing the attack of the mom jeans! The latest victim is Dancing With The Stars (DWTS) professional dancer, Lacey Schwimmer. As if it wasn’t bad enough from the front, things aren’t looking much better from behind – with her green bra peaking out from her backless sheer top:

We can’t forget the most famous victim of mom-jean mayhem, Jessica Simpson, who wore them back in 2009 at a concert in Florida.


Kicking Off Fashion Week with Project Runway and Dudes in Underwear!!!

9 Sep

To kick off Fashion Week 2011 in NYC, I sat my cute butt on my couch and watched Project Runway! I’ve been on the fence about the show since it switched to Lifetime from Bravo, but I still watch since the other knock-offs are horrible. But I digress, this season of PR is a little disturbing…first off: an hour and a half is too long! The show could easily be cut down to an hour if they just left out all the superfluous drama. And the drama isn’t even that good, I mean two guys getting snippy with each other is hardly entertaining. Toss in some hair pulling or garment-cutting sabotage!!! But my main issue with the show is the lack of talent…Becky and Bert should have gone home a long time ago. Thank goodness Becky is gone, but seriously Bert’s dress last night was TERRIBLE!!!

Okay enough ranting…here are some half-naked men!

(image by Getty)

To kick things off in NYC,  underwear brand 2(x)ist had a runway show all their own – and it looks like it was a hot one!!!!

Here’s more eye-candy for ya-

Got to love a man in uniform! TGIF!



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